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Edit a City/Town

To edit a city or town, go to the section on the dashboard that lists the added locations.

Select the Country which the city belongs to. For example in the image below, if you want to edit “My City”, you choose “My Country” since “My State” belongs to “My Country”.

Under the country, click on the Edit option. Note that you can only edit cities that you have added by yourself. You cannot edit the initial cities in the Woocommerce cities list.

A screenshot of the Locations Creator dashboard showing the country to choose when you want to edit a city or town
Click Edit under the Country
A screenshot of the Locations Creator dahsboard showing where to clik when you ant to edit a city or town
Click on the Pencil to edit the City

You can now change the city or town name accordingly. You can also edit the country and state on the same screen.

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