14 days FREE!! Try out Locations Creator for Woocommerce

You have the opportunity to try out Locations creator for Woocommerce at no charge for 14 days.

Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Click this button to get a trial license

Step 2: Download the plugin from the link shared in your email. Copy your license as you will need it shortly.

Step 3: Install the plugin. here are how to instructions

Step 4: Add your license from your email notification.

Step 5: Give the plugin a test run. Add your locations and checkout.

Step 6: Share some feedback via our contact form

Are you happy with the product, then upgrade to the premium version to give you updates for one year. This video shows you how to in less than a minute.

Ps: The code will not stop working even after the one year. However, we will stop support and giving you unlimited updates to the code. Having outdated code can be detrimental to your site because:

  • PHP, JS, CSS and HTML the languages we build the plugin keep changing.
  • No security updates. We make sure our code is up-to the latest standards. Don’t go months without patches.

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